viernes, 25 de abril de 2008

When you really love...

When you really love to someone you only want to be with her.

Now, I know I love her. It’s easy to know, and more easy to an engineer. I’m sure if an information engineer buy a MacBook, and her girlfriend are with him, probably he’d try to show the new laptop at her girlfriend, and more over, he’d try to convince it’s ‘the laptop’. I am not this guy, I wouldn’t waste any second of my life with my new laptop if I could be with my girlfriend.

You could think I’m crazy, because I’m comparing object with people, but it’s certainly right a lot of people are very happy with objects, materials, etc. As I said before, I’m not this type of person, I only want to be with my girlfriend, and if I could change all my life to be with her, I’d do it.

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