martes, 10 de junio de 2008

Two most important things to success in your life

Today, I said to my girlfriend the two most important things to success in your life, and it is the following:
Have illusion for things you're doing, and (I said: Be with my girlfriend my whole life but in case you haven't a person for loving), enjoy living.

And I can justify my answer easily. The first thing is really simple, if you work in something you don't like, in spite of working and thinking basically in the money which you earn in that fucking job, you must work in something you really enjoy. That's means that if you don't like your job, you can not really get into it. Nevertheless people who can identify with their job can work better in it. Consecuently, if you dislike your job, you aren't competitive.
Wrong way little boy!!!

The second point is I am in love, and loving to each other is the best feeling you can experiment, and you always want to get home to talk with her, relax and enjoy yourself. So, just enjoy and keep each second you spend with your honey in your heart.

TIP: Please, share your time with your honey, don't forget her!!!

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